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If you're looking for a place to learn about scooters, discuss scooters, diagnose a problem with your scooter, or just to kick back and watch a scooter project come together, you've found the right place. So, what's there to do around here?

The Scoot F.A.Q. answers a lot of common questions related to scooter maintenance, performance, and troubleshooting.

The 49ccScoot.Com Tech Library is full of scooter how to articles, tech tips, performance parts installs, tuning help, and many more upgrade and maintenance related topics. You will also find tons of original pics, as well as instructional and fun videos, and we have compiled a list of some great YouTube scooter help and how to videos. We have plenty of in-depth information available for both two-stroke and four-stroke scooter enthusiasts, specializing in 49cc-150cc engines such as the GY6 family (139QMB, 1P39QMB, 1P57QMJ, QMI152) and Yamaha / Minarelli / Jog motors (1E40QMB, 1E50QMF, 1E52QMG). Many of these engines are found in other platforms, such as go karts and small youth ATVs, so don't leave just because you haven't got a scooter.

If you can't find the info you're looking for in the Tech Library, try searching our forum and then post a new topic. We can help you with general inquiries, scooter maintenance, engine and transmission performance and tuning, troubleshooting, and just about anything else you need to know related to scooters and riding. You can watch scooter projects come together in our Builds section. 49ccScoot.Com and it's members have restorations, performance engine builds, drag scooters, and other custom scooter projects in progress as we speak. Chinese, Japanese, European, homemade... we like 'em all! When they aren't posting about scooters, our friendly members can be found in the Off-Topic section. Register today and join the 49ccScoot family.

Check out our selection of scooter related calculators and let us do the math for you! Pre-mix ratios, fuel and oil economy, engine displacement, compression ratio, piston ring end gap, gearing, and more calculators.

Don't miss our manuals section either. We've got service, shop, and repair manuals for various makes and models. You can find manuals for Honda, Yamaha, Keeway, Hyosung, Vento, Daelim, and many more. We've also included some documents related to carb tuning, winterizing, and other points of interest. All free!

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