Scoot F.A.Q.
(Scooter Related Frequently Asked Questions)

General Scooter Information
What do I need to operate a scooter legally?
How fast will a 49cc scooter go?
What gas mileage should I expect from a scooter?
Do I need to use high octane gasoline?
Is my scooter a two-stroke or four-stroke?

Basic Maintenance
How often should I...? (Maintenance)
What spark plug does my engine use and where is it located?
What engine oil should I use in my four-stroke?
What engine oil should I use in my two-stroke?
What oil should I use in the final drive transmission (gearbox)?
How should I break in my new engine or cylinder kit?
How can I improve gas mileage?
How can I clean my scooter? Is it O.K. to wash it?

Electrical Info & Troubleshooting
Why is there no power after I turn the key on?
Why is my scooter blowing fuses?
Why is my battery weak or dead overnight or after the scooter sits for a while?
Why do my headlights keep blowing out?
Why are my headlights dim and how can I improve them?

Engine & CVT Related Troubleshooting
Why won't my scooter start?
Why does my scooter accelerate slowly from 0 to 5-10MPH?
Why isn't my scooter as fast as it used to be?

What does it mean if my scooter is running rich or lean?
What are some symptoms of rich and lean conditions?
How do I tune the carburetor?

CVT Tuning & Performance
What CVT drive belt does my scooter use?
Should I use roller weights or sliders in the variator?
What size of roller weights do I need?
What weight of rollers or sliders should I use?
What do the colors of aftermarket clutch and contra/torque/main springs mean?
Which contra spring should I use?
Which clutch springs should I use?

139QMB / GY6 50 Specific
What is the difference in a 139QMB and a 1P39QMB?
Does my scooter have 64mm or 69mm valves & why does it matter?
Which big bore kit should I get?
What other parts or supplies will I need along with a big bore kit?

1E40QMB / Minarelli / Jog Specific
Which big bore kit should I get?
What other parts or supplies will I need along with a big bore kit?

Suspension, Frame, Brakes, Wheels & Tires
Why do my brakes feel soft or spongy?
I want to upgrade my rear shock. What do I get and where, and what do I need to know?

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