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Q. What engine oil should I use in my two-stroke?

First, two-stroke and four-stroke engine oils are not interchangeable. Never use 4T oil for your 2T.

You may notice that 2T oils are often specified for injection or pre-mix use, and some are safe for both. Stock two-stroke scooters usually have an oil reservoir that holds oil to supply an oil injection pump. These scooters require a 2T oil specified for injection or safe for both injection and pre-mixing. As long as you keep the reservoir supplied with oil, you don't have to worry about any specific capacity. Some scooters have a red oil warning light to alert you to low oil levels in the reservoir.

If your scooter has no oil injection system and you mix oil with the fuel at each fill-up, then you need to use an oil specified for pre-mix or that is safe for both pre-mix and injection. Follow manufacturer recommendations on mix ratios if available. Some aftermarket cylinder kits may have their own recommendations for mix ratios. Most 2T scooter engines will function well on mix ratios from 32:1 (4 ounces of oil per gallon of gas) to 40:1 (3.2 ounces of oil per gallon of gas). Certain oils may state that leaner mix ratios are safe, but even with oils that make such claims I would advise 50:1 (2.6 ounces of oil per gallon of gas) as the limit for lean oil mix ratios.

Quality synthetic or semi-synthetic 2T oils are generally preferred.

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