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Q. Is my scooter a two-stroke or four-stroke?

First, it may be helpful to understand some basic differences in two-stroke (2T) and four-stroke (4T) scooters. CLICK HERE to read more on that topic. An easy way to find out if your scooter is a 2T or 4T may be to check your owner's manual or search for it's make and model online where you may find specifications.

4T engines hold oil in the crankcase for lubrication while 2T engines rely on oil mixed with the fuel or injected into the carburetor or inlet path. If your engine has an engine oil dipstick then it should be a 4T. If you have an external oil reservoir then you likely have a 2T. Oil tanks are often located under body panels, but with access through a special panel or sometimes a cutaway under the seat. See below for examples of both.

Common dipstick location for 4T scooters.
Example of a 2T oil tank/reservoir.

If you still aren't sure, make a post on the forum with as much information you can provide and a pic or two of the engine and we may be able to help you identify your scooter's powerplant.

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