Scoot F.A.Q.

Q. How can I clean my scooter? Is it O.K. to wash it?

You can wash your scooter with car wash detergent or dish washing soap, a bucket, a sponge or rag or brush, and a hose much like you'd wash a car. There are some precautions to take before washing though. First, make sure that your airbox or air filter is sealed off so that no water can get into it. I usually use shrink/saran wrap or a plastic bag and a rubber band to seal them off from water. Some elect to remove the airbox and then cover and seal the carburetor instead. You should also seal off any crankcase vents if they are open to air. Make sure any dipsticks are snug as well.

Use the water hose sparingly and don't use a pressure/power washer. Do your best to avoid water getting under panels where there are electrical parts and don't spray into the cooling fan area on air cooled engines because the stator resides behind the fan and flywheel. Avoid hosing down the gauges and ignition as well. I would advise making your first attempt at washing your scooter with a hose at a time when you don't need to ride it right away. Sometimes moisture finding it's way into connectors and components can cause them to malfunction at least until they dry out.

If you don't wish to risk it using traditional washing methods, you may be able to keep the scooter clean using a waterless car wash product. Some of us even use all purpose cleaners or quick detailing products. Even when washing with a hose, you may find cleaners and degreasers as well as brushes and rags helpful for cleaning tough spots like the wheels and tires and around the engine.

Don't use slippery tire shine components on your tires because they may reduce traction. Be careful taking off when the tires are still wet. Also try to dry your disc brakes off before riding or at least make a few easy stops at low speed before getting on the roadway.

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