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Q. What do the colors of aftermarket clutch and contra/torque/main springs mean?

Chinese and Taiwan made clutch and contra springs commonly come in 3 denominations. 1,000RPM, 1,500RPM and 2,000RPM. The numbers don't indicate the engagement or operation RPM, but rather the estimated RPM increase. For example, if your scooter's clutch engages at 2,000RPM stock and then you add 2,000RPM clutch springs, it should engage around 4,000RPM. For a contra spring a +2,000RPM spring would be expected to raise acceleration/cruise revs by 2,000RPM. Unfortunately, it seems that the actual stiffness of both stock and aftermarket springs from one manufacturer to the next can vary, so these are just rough estimates of the increase in RPM. Springs sold as a certain RPM gain are usually color coded as follows : 1,000RPM springs are blue, 1,500RPM are yellow, and 2,000RPM are red.

Common generic color coding.
Spring Colors

Other manufacturers, such as Polini and Malossi, have their own specific color coding to designate spring stiffness. You should refer to the manufacturer's site, sales brochures, or product packaging to decode their colors.

Some manufacturers, like Stage6, label their springs as soft, medium, or hard for example and may color code them as well.

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