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Q. How can I improve gas mileage?

The easiest way to ensure your scooter isn't burning unnecessary fuel is to keep check on tire pressure. Low tire pressure can decrease performance and increase fuel consumption. Refer to the scooter or tire manufacturer's recommended pressures.

Keep the scooter in a proper state of tune. Rich jetting or carburetor adjustments will use more fuel. Don't tune lean just to save fuel (especially with a two-stroke engine). Lean conditions can increase heat and cause engine damage. Damaged, worn, or improperly tuned CVT transmission components may also contribute to poor fuel economy. Improper, failing, or out of adjustment ignition parts, valves, reed valves, or choke/enricher as well as low compression and dirty/clogged air filters should also be investigated.

Inspect and adjust the brakes to ensure they are not dragging, and dragging down gas mileage.

If you wish to improve gas mileage after it's in tune, slow down. Riding slower and conserving momentum has been known to show increases of 20MPG or more, depending on the scooter, rider, conditions, etc...

Key points :
  • Smooth/slow throttle transitions, aiming to use as little throttle as needed.

  • Coast to a stop. Use your brakes, but don't speed up to stops and then brake hard. Let off of the gas and coast a little.

  • Find a cruising speed where you get the most speed with the least throttle. This won't be max speed by far, you'll prob find it's a fairly low speed.

  • If you are comfortable with it, lean/tuck down some. Keep your legs in behind the fairings and arms near your sides. Less wind resistance = More MPG.

  • If it's not necessary, leave it home. Less weight = More MPG.

Some take it as far as shutting the scooter off when coasting down hills and stopped at red lights and such. I don't really think shutting it off will pay off when stopped. The accelerated wear of starting components could negate any savings.

Whatever you do, DO NOT compromise safety in the name of saving fuel. Don't remove safety components. Don't ride or accelerate slow if it puts you in danger.

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