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Q. Why do my brakes feel soft or spongy?

First, determine if the brake(s) you are having a problem with are disc or drum brakes. Disc brakes have a rotor, caliper, and use a hydraulic system including a master cylinder at the lever to actuate the brake. Drum brakes on scooters are usually cable operated and have less obviously visible brake parts because they are contained within a hub or on the wheel. Many scooters have a combination of a front disc brake and rear drum brake.

Example of a front disc brake.
Example of a front drum brake.

If you have a drum brake the solution may be as simple as adjusting a nut on the brake lever at the wheel. CLICK HERE to see an example. The example shows a rear drum brake, but a front drum brake would use a similar procedure.

If your problem is with a hydraulic disc brake the most likely cause is air in the system or low brake fluid. Your master cylinder should have a sight glass so you can see the level of fluid. If low, add fluid, reinstall the cap, and retry the brake. Most scooters can use DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluids, but refer to your owner's or service manual to be sure. If the brake lever still has a soft feel or the brakes won't work properly, try bleeding the system. CLICK HERE for more information on bleeding brakes.

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