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Q. What spark plug does my engine use and where is it located?

Check your owner's or service manual to find the appropriate spark plug for your engine. Below are a few of the most common engines and the NGK plugs they use. Standard plugs work just fine. Iridium spark plugs are much more expensive and usually offer very little benefit, if any is noticed. The strong point of iridium plugs in my experience is that they sometimes improve cold starting, but don't expect a dramatic difference.

Engine Type
Standard NGK
Iridium NGK
Plug Gap
139QMB / GY6 50 4T
GY6 125-150 4T
Minarelli / Jog / 1E40QMB

The easiest way to find the spark plug is usually to look at the engine. You should be able to see where the plug wire is going into the shrouds or in some cases you can see the plug itself. You can also follow the large wire (plug wire) from the coil and it will lead you to the spark plug. On the most common four-strokes the plug is on the right side of the engine near the front. On two-strokes the plug often sits at the very front of the engine for horizontal engines or at the top for vertical engines.

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